Dream on is built on the principle of setting a positive example for the next generation, doing what we can today to hopefully turn the needle a little bit closer to better for the next generation. Watching what has happened in the UK over the last week we wanted to put something positive into the world to show that when it comes to role models, Marcus is the type of person we want our kids to look up to.

Positive, determined, humble, hard-working, grounded, resilient, eloquent, standing up for what’s right, standing against what’s wrong, and giving a voice to those who are ignored.

The values that he stands for and the fact that kids are looking up to a young man that actively encourages these types of values is something we should all get behind.

That’s why the profits from Dream on T-shirt 013 will go to Fair Share, just one of many charities in the UK looking to tackle food waste and child hunger. While it’s despicable that this is something that needs to be tackled by us all, we can’t lose time debating whether we should, when we can use that time to do something good.

When you have a government that creates a world in which Marcus Rashford has to bring attention to child hunger you know that they don’t deserve your vote.

It might sound simple, but honestly, If we had to choose, we’d vote Rashford.