Dream On exists to make a small stand against big problems.
We create colourful, positive, limited-edition kids and adults clothes that spark imagination, start conversations and raise money to fight the issues of today.
Profits from every item of clothing sold go to relevant charities fighting the problems of today. So the world we inherit tomorrow, is a little bit better than it was today.
Each item is limited, made to order and printed in batches using water-based, plastic-free, eco friendly OOEKO-TEX STANDARD 100 certified inks on 100% organic cotton in the UK.
Meaning no wasted ink, time, or resource. 
It can mean a few more days to wait for your item, but 'fast' fashion usually means someone or something is paying for that speed.
We are a little bit slower to be a little bit kinder.
Good for the environment and good for their future.
Keep dreaming.