What is your return policy?

We do accept returns within a 30 day period, as long as the item is unworn and returned as bought, BUT please if possible we ask that you do everything you can to not need to return any items, as we are a small company and as every item is printed for you when you order, we don't carry excess stock and every return affects our profits and therefore what we can donate to charity.

To help you, we have added size guides on every item and we are around on @dreamonstagram almost ALL the time so if you have a question about sizes honestly just give us a message, I promise we will be able to give you the answer you are looking for and if not we'll find a way to work it out together. From time to time we do offer return sales, where we sell returned items but, as we have no control over the sizes of these, or the style, it is not always easy to sell these. In short, we'd rather we did everything in our power to make sure the item that lands through on your doorstep is perfect for you. It takes a bit more time, a bit more effort and a bit more patience but we think it's worth it, we hope you do too.